Introducing Magnify the Fox

Magnify the Fox is a digital community that is meant to be a reflection of the consumer-business reality that exists in the Fox Valley.

Our goal is to bring transparency to the way consumers find businesses in the Valley. We believe that finding the best local businesses should be simple. You should not have to decipher the credibility of reviews, visit each business website, or perform in-depth research just to find a good local business.

Our mission is to provide the best experience to people in the Fox Valley who are looking for quality local retailers, vendors, eateries, and service providers.

A business directory dedicated to the Fox Valley

We are building a business directory of local businesses in the Fox Valley. The business directory will be much more than a list of businesses. It will provide a location where businesses can advertise sales and events that are happening.

Our desire is to invest in our community, not just to provide a directory of businesses. We want to provide resources for both consumers and businesses. Our business directory is part of this mission.

The Fox’s Choice

We are also creating a curated list of the best local businesses in a given business category. This list is called The Fox’s Choice.

What we provide is a set of hand-selected businesses in a business category that possesses expertise and integrity. Businesses are selected by our team. Businesses cannot pay to be included in The Fox’s Choice.

How are businesses selected for The Fox’s Choice?

We begin by using several research tools to gather a pool of businesses to review. Once we have collected our pool of businesses we process them through our algorithm to identify the most qualified businesses. Finally, we review each business by hand. What remains is a short list of businesses that you can trust.

We contact each business personally to ensure the quality of our efforts.

Businesses are evaluated in several areas.

  • Reputation - Businesses that have a history of delighting their customers with excellent service.
  • Professionalism - Businesses that provide services with respect, integrity, and reliability.
  • Expertise - Businesses that are masters of their trade based on experience and education.
  • Services - Businesses that provide a wide range of high-quality services.
  • Trust - Businesses that earn credibility and confidence through accreditation, licensing and awards.
  • Availability - Businesses that are consistently responsive, accessible, and approachable by customers.

We hope to begin publishing The Fox’s Choice on our website in the next month. Stay tuned as we unveil exciting features.

The People’s Choice

We understand that you the consumers of the Fox Valley need your voice to be heard. With that in mind, we are creating a list of the top businesses in the Valley based on reviews and a few other data points on our website.

This aspect of Magnify the Fox is not scheduled for release until 2019. We will provide more information as the release date approaches.

For more information about the current progress please check What We Are Building.