Magnify the Fox
Fox Valley's
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Magnify the Fox is the place to find the best of the Fox Valley.
We are proud to serve this wonderful region!

What is Magnify the Fox?

Magnify the Fox is a community directory for the Fox Valley. We list businesses, organizations and governmental entities. Our goal is to promote the wonderful things the Fox Valley has to offer.

Magnify the Fox has three major components. We identify and recognize the best businesses in the Fox Valley. We give awards to the best and promoting them online.

Magnify also provides a business directory of the Fox Valley. It is a place where businesses can advertise their services, offer deals, and inform people of sales and events.

Let’s work together to make the Fox Valley a better place!

Meet Our Team

Daniel Morell
Daniel MorellFounder & CEO

I am a native of the Fox Valley. Having grown up here I have found the spirit of community pride well warranted.

This inspired me to consider how I could contribute to this community. With my experience in web development and internet business strategy, the idea of Magnify the Fox seemed obvious. However, the scope of the project quickly grew from a simple list of local businesses to what it is today.

I have seen that the Fox Valley has some wonderful local businesses and organizations. And I am honored to help promote them as best I can.

Mr. Magnify
Mr. MagnifySpokesfox

To say that I love the Fox Valley would be an understatement. It is the best of all valleys. This is not because of the location (although it is beautiful). It is because of the people. The Fox Valley is a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family because of the caliber of people who live here.

In the Fox Valley people care about their neighbors, try to do their best, and make the world a better place. It is my favorite place in the world!

It is a great honor to be a part of Magnify the Fox. My job as the official spokesfox is to help promote the best local business in the Fox Valley. I do this by getting the word out on social media and our news page.

Meet Our Partners

Our mission is to make the Fox Valley a better place.
This is made possible by the local businesses that partner with us!
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